Saturday, January 4, 2014

How kidneys clean blood

The primary function of the kidneys is regulation of the extracellular fluid (plasma and interstitial fluid) environment in the body. Accomplished by the formation of Urine.

Kidney Functions

1. The volume of blood plasma (and thus contribute significantly to the regulation of blood pressure);
2. The concentration of waste products in the blood;
3. The concentration of electrolytes (Na+, K+,HCO3and other ions) in the plasma; and
4. The pH of plasma

Excretion of excess unnecessary substances & metabolic waste products Osmoregulation Regulation of      

(i) water & electrolyte balances
(ii) acid-base balances
(iii) blood pressure
(iv) red cell production

How kidneys clean blood

Kidneys clean blood by filtering it. They filter all our blood 300 times a day. The filtering is done by over a million tubes packed into each kidney. These tubes are called nephrones.  Some people’s kidneys are not very good at filtering blood. Kidney machines help by filtering blood for them.